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  • If you choose the material of the book ring, iron or stainless steel?

    Book rings may seem like a small and inconsequential part of our daily lives, but they play a significant role in keeping our documents and papers organized. Whether you're using them for school projects, office presentations, or personal organization, the choice of material for book rings can make a noticeable difference in their durability and functionality. Two common materials for book rings are iron and stainless steel, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, we will explore the characteristics of both materials to help you make an informed decision when choosing between iron and stainless steel book rings.

  • 1,000,000 colorful book rings are packing and shipping!

    The book binder rings are bright nickel plated, smooth and shiny,strong stretch and safety buckle design.These Loose Leaf Rings just to pull to open and squeeze to close, tight lock-in design makes your books organized, not scattered after collapse.These book binder rings are made of iron, strong, color unfading ,durability and repetitive use, no crack or bend.The book binder rings suitable for classroom, company, office or home to fastening document stack, books, paper, photo album, keys, shower curtain hooks, scrapbook , cards, booklets , loose-leaf rings, memo filing, key rings, binding recipe, sample book, sample holders, contract or file etc.

  • Application of book ring in kitchenware industry

    Our hot selling product - book ring, is very common in the kitchenware industry. Many customers come to us to order book rings, they are used to store spoons, measuring cups and so on. Our book ring has many uses for all walks of life, it can be used for storing children's cards, binding notebooks, hanging flower pots, as a key ring, storing headphones, for curtains and so on.

  • Steel market trends

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