Launch of new products-Display clip holder

Launch of new products-Display clip holder

Launch of new products-Display clip holder Many uses: suitable as wedding place card holders, party table number holder, table menu holder, home photo stands, office memo clips, table decoration, etc. Good performance: the strong metal rings on the top of wire table holder can grasp cards/paper without falling, stand steadily with a wide base

  • 1,000,000 colorful book rings are packing and shipping!

    The book binder rings are bright nickel plated, smooth and shiny,strong stretch and safety buckle design.These Loose Leaf Rings just to pull to open and squeeze to close, tight lock-in design makes your books organized, not scattered after collapse.These book binder rings are made of iron, strong, color unfading ,durability and repetitive use, no crack or bend.The book binder rings suitable for classroom, company, office or home to fastening document stack, books, paper, photo album, keys, shower curtain hooks, scrapbook , cards, booklets , loose-leaf rings, memo filing, key rings, binding recipe, sample book, sample holders, contract or file etc.

  • Application of book ring in kitchenware industry

    Our hot selling product - book ring, is very common in the kitchenware industry. Many customers come to us to order book rings, they are used to store spoons, measuring cups and so on. Our book ring has many uses for all walks of life, it can be used for storing children's cards, binding notebooks, hanging flower pots, as a key ring, storing headphones, for curtains and so on.

  • Steel market trends

  • Vintage Cyan 3 Ring Binder White Paper Packaging!

    Our company has 3-ring binders in different styles and colors, this one is a retro cyan 3-ring binder, we support customization, you can customize the size and color you like. We have a lot of stock, and we can deliver 24 hours, samples in three days, and deliver 1 million pieces of goods in 10 days. We have been recognized by the industry for our integrity, strength and product quality. Foshan Yiwang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you!

  • Custom S-hook!

    This batch of goods is also custom-made hooks. Each batch of our products is manually inspected before shipment to see if the goods are qualified. We can customize your own program according to your requirements and make products that satisfy you! We have a lot of stock, we can deliver 24 hours, samples in three days, and 1 million pieces in 10 days. Our integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. Foshan Yiwang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is looking forward to cooperating with you!

  • Another batch of five-bead shower curtain rings is packing and shipping!

    Smooth gliding -Engineered spherical roller balls of shower curtain hooks can glide smoothly and fast across shower rod.Set of 12 - Sold as a set of 12 shower curtain rings. It meets most of quantity demands for one usual bathroom Stainless Steel – The stainless steel construction allows years of use in the bathroom. The stainless steel is a kind of non-magnetic metal material.The hooks sparkle in the presence of light, adding a very elegant look to any bathroom.The stainless shower curtain hooks have a polished chrome plating and are beautifully polished for a look that fits any style — from modern to traditional. simply unhook the openings or slide the ends over the shower curtain rod. Then place the shower curtain liner and decorative curtain into each hook, snap closed and you're done! Our wider, easy-use opening means no more hurt fingers while you hang your shower curtain.

  • Customized products!

    This batch of goods is a customized product according to customer requirements. Each batch of our products will be manually inspected to see if the goods are qualified before shipment. We can customize a program that is exclusive to you according to your requirements and make products that satisfy you! We look forward to serving you very much!

  • A new batch of 100,000 movable curtain rings with eyelets is shipping!

    The product I bring to you today is a movable curtain ring with eyelets.Easy to open and close, with special openable curtain ring design, you can easily install and remove curtains on the curtain rod without removing the whole rod. Easy to open and close, you can easily attach and detach the curtain rod on the curtain without lowering the whole curtain rod. Wide range of applications, perfect decorative curtain ring for thin gauze, thick blackout, tapestry or shower curtains in homes, hotels, bedrooms, bathrooms, gazebos, etc. Due to the openable loop design, it is also perfect as a bow hook in girls room or as a hanger for hats, towels and many items. Open the curtain ring, if the rod is fixed and cannot be removed, use it to open the curtain ring to meet your actual life needs. Very convenient as you can turn them on and off for easy installation. The eyelet dangling ring is made of metal and is durable. Color and size can be customized.

  • Another packaging method for 3-ring binders.

    This batch of three-ring binders is packed in bubble bags, which can reduce the bumps of the product during transportation and greatly reduce the wear and tear of the product. Versatile - unfolds and folds easily; they have such a flexible design that you can use them for DIY travel journals, photo albums, scrap bookings, loose-leaf notebooks and graduate books. FEATURES---Each is carefully designed to easily split in half and fit snugly against metal swivel rivets; therefore, the binder can be locked securely and securely. VERSATILE AND USEFUL---You can easily expand and close it; they are designed to be so flexible that you can use it to organize punched flashcards, paper documents, scrapbooks, invoices, or samples. Great for making your own DIY travel notebooks, photo albums and personal organizers, scrapbooks, planners, and more. Great Accessories for Paper Crafts --- A complete set of tools put together for easy access at any time, perfect for school, office, and home use; they're the right size for most books or photo albums. With this flexible design, you can use it to DIY travel journals, photo albums, scrap bookings, loose-leaf notebooks, and graduation alumni books. EASY TO USE: Each loose-leaf binder ring is carefully designed to split in half and attach tightly with metal swivel rivets for easy and safe use. FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Each one is carefully designed so the book binder is safe and secure. Application: These binders are perfect for document organization and classification. Loose-Leaf Book Binding Binding rings are ideal for a variety of uses such as loose-leaf, memo filing, and more. Color and size can be customized.

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