Stainless Steel Wire Keychains

  • Silver Stainless Steel Wire Keychains

    Silver Stainless Steel Wire Keychains

    ▶ Multi-functional & Practical---The tough braided Stainless Steel wire key-chains is a practical and versatile companion for your life and work. They can be applied in office, home, school, ornament store.
    ▶ Lightweight and portable, adding no extra weight to your belongings when you go out while keep them well-organized. Good for doing sport, travel, hiking, picnic. Also ideal option for organizing your keys and pocket gear.
    ▶ Durable & Sturdy---It works best when they are screwed tightly and evenly together, takes a firm grip to get the ends to line up and screw together so the contacts holds perfectly. Can be used to secure to fence and cover that covers garden to prevent damage during hail storms.
    ▶ Lightweight but sturdy and flexible enough. Easy to assembly with forged high quality stainless steel chain.
    ▶ Designed to last long, no corrosion and frangibility after years of use.

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    Colors Stainless Steel Wire Cable Keychains

    Colors Stainless Steel Wire Cable Keychains

    ▶ MULTIPURPOSE --- Ideal for hanging flashlight, key, key rings/fobs, key/phone finder tracker, luggage/ID tags, ornament and so on.
    ▶ CONVENIENT --- easily add and remove keys, key fobs, membership cards, rewards cards, etc by simply twisting the screw connector to open and close. Easily add or remove items to the loops by unscrewing/screwing the connectors.
    LIGHTWEIGHT & CARRY EASILY - These cable rings are perfect for most applications, They are portable, small gadget, which are convenient to carry when you go out, great for doing sport, travel, hiking, picnic
    ▶ Color and size can be customized according to customer needs --- various styles, multiple colors, red, blue, black, gold, purple, orange and so on.

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  • Colorful Coated Stainless Steel Wire Cable Keychains

    Colorful Coated Stainless Steel Wire Cable Keychains

    ▶Perfect for key rings, hanging flashlight, pliers, luggage tags, hanging loops, cable organizer etc.
    ▶With screws and barrels connection, easy to add and remove keys.
    ▶The cables can be connected to each other for a longer loop. Add or remove items by unscrewing/screwing the connectors (squeezing the loop until the arc of the connect point to be a straight line for easily screw/unscrew) . Connect two or more chains to make a longer length.
    ▶Easy to lock and unscrew.
    ▶With stainless steel connector, tough and durable for hanging heavy stuff.
    ▶Color and size can be customized.

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