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  • Custom white book rings / custom packaging!

    The book binder rings are bright nickel plated, smooth and shiny,strong stretch and safety buckle design.These Loose Leaf Rings just to pull to open and squeeze to close, tight lock-in design makes your books organized, not scattered after collapse.These book binder rings are made of iron, strong, color unfading ,durability and repetitive use, no crack or bend.The book binder rings suitable for classroom, company, office or home to fastening document stack, books, paper, photo album, keys, shower curtain hooks, scrapbook , cards, booklets , loose-leaf rings, memo filing, key rings, binding recipe, sample book, sample holders, contract or file etc

  • Customized Christmas Wreath Decorated Metal Door Hook Packing and Shipping!

    Sturdy Christmas Wreath Decorative Metal Door Hook - Made of durable and long-lasting metal steel, it holds securely and is ideal for hanging heavy-duty garlands. The design is simple and elegant, and the sleek and sophisticated finish makes the wreath stand look shiny and neat. Classic colors to match your decor. Simple and generous lines and curves reveal an elegant garland hanger perfect for the front door, living room, bedroom or bathroom. A great choice for home decor. Easy to use, no auxiliary hardware such as screws required, just hang the door garland on the door. The ultra-thin design lets you close the door with ease and hold the garland perfectly in place! There is no sound when the door opens or closes. Color and size can be customized.

  • 500,000 3-ring Binder Rings are shipping!

    Loose leaf book binding The binding ring is great for a variety of uses, such as loose-leaf, memo filing and so on.Color and size can be customized.Wide Application ---You can expand and close it easily; They have a such flexible design that you can use it to DIY travel diary, photo album, scrap booking, loose-leaf notebook and graduation alumni book.FEATURES --- Each is carefully designed to be easily split into two halves and tightly attached to metal rotating rivets; therefore, the binder can be securely and securely locked.VERSATILE AND USEFUL --- You can easily expand and close it; they have such a flexible design that you can use to organize hold punched flashcards, papers documents, scrapbooks, invoices or swatches. Ideal for make your own DIY travel notebook, photo album and personal organizers, scrapbooking, planner and more.

  • 800,000 Colorful Book Binding Rings shipped!!!

    A customer who has cooperated with our company for a long time has placed an order of 800,000 color book circles this time. Many book circles on the market come from our factory and are sold all over the world. We will arrange personnel to conduct a full inspection before shipment, and our quality is guaranteed. In addition, our pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services are all followed up by specialized business.

  • The book rings can also be full of girlish hearts!

    The customized pink book rings are being packaged and shipped, and we can pack them according to the customer's packaging needs. We accept customization, if you have custom hardware needs, you can contact us.

  • Products ordered by customers are packaged and shipped one after another! !

    Customers order many products. Before shipment, our warehouse staff will check the quality of the product to see if the color of the product is beautiful enough and whether there is any paint peeling. Measure the size of the product to make sure it meets the customer's standard. There are poor quality products, we pick them out. We will send high-quality products to the packaging department for packaging. We will meet the various packaging needs of customers.

  • The five-bead shower curtain hook for American customers is packed and shipped on site.

    The shower curtain hook is being packaged and ready to be shipped. Our company can customize all kinds of daily hardware, which can be packaged according to your needs. The delivery and shipping speed are fast. If you have any needs, please contact us, we look forward to cooperating with you.

  • New US customers place orders for more than 20,000 key rings

    An American customer sent a lot of inquiries. It seems that this customer is really anxious about this order. The new employee responded promptly, and the order was paid within 3 hours. Therefore, it is very important for business to respond in a timely manner. It is our business's professionalism and efficient response to products that impress customers. Time is money, and we must grasp every customer who comes to inquire.

  • 200,000 Pcs Color Painted Wire Keychain Shipped !!!

    This is our American customers who has repurchased many times, this time ordered 200,000 pcs color painted wire keychains. Our considerate service and high-quality quality have won the trust of customers, so this time the customer has placed an order for 20,000 wire keychains of each color. Our color painted wire keychains are CE certificated. The material is stainless steel, and we have many colors: pink, red, blue, orange, yellow, green, black, etc. Color and size can be customized. Customers who are interested in placing an order are welcome to contact us at any time~

  • Product quality inspection in Yiwang

    Quality inspection refers to the activity of checking and verifying whether the quality of a product or service complies with the relevant regulations. After the product is ready, there will be quality inspectors in the company's factory to check whether the products are defective or damaged. The inspectors will select these defective products, control the quality of the products, and ensure that the products sent to customers are all excellent products. .

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