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  • Do you know the Outdoor Wall Hook and how it is used

    Outdoor wall hooks are a simple but incredibly useful accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time in their outdoor spaces. Whether you're a gardener, a DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who likes to decorate their outdoor areas, an outdoor wall hook can be a valuable addition to your tool kit.

  • What is a Hairpin Furniture Legs and how it is used

    Hairpin furniture legs are a style of furniture legs that are characterized by their distinctive U-shape, which resembles a hairpin. They are typically made of metal, they are often used in mid-century modern furniture designs.

  • Daily must-have - energetic morning meeting

    Morning meetings are a medium for spreading corporate culture, which can cultivate good habits and behavioral concepts. Through morning meetings, work education, work ethics, and work habits can be promoted, continuously promoted, and continuous improvement will inevitably yield results, thereby improving the quality of the entire company's employees.

  • Strike a proper balance between work and rest, joyful work.

    After a week of work, one should also learn to combine work and rest in addition to work. That afternoon, everyone organized a small game called "You Draw and I Guess" to help everyone relax and relieve the tense work pressure. Divide everyone into small groups, and the group with the highest score can receive a lucky draw based on the number of rounds.

  • Do you know what colored wire rope keychain is and how it's used

    Colored wire rope keychains are commonly used to hold keys, but they can also be used to attach other small items to a bag or backpack, such as a flashlight or multi-tool. They are often preferred over traditional keychains because they are more durable and can withstand more wear and tear. Additionally, the colorful design can make them easier to spot and locate when searching for your keys.

  • What do you know about shower curtain hooks?

    Shower curtain hooks have been around for many years, and their design has evolved over time. The earliest shower curtain hooks were made of metal and had a simple loop shape. These hooks were designed to be attached to the shower curtain and the rod and were typically sold in sets of twelve.

  • The customer's goods are being packed and shipped. Thank you for your order!

    Our customers have placed several large orders to us, customized colorful shower curtain hooks, five-bead shower curtain hooks, etc., PVC bags and boxes for special packaging, 12 in a pack. The color and size of our products can be customized. We deliver fast and have sufficient stock. If you need it, please feel free to contact us

  • E-wang moving to new office ! !

    A new environment, a new starting point, but also to have a new attitude, a new look. "Looking back, thinking of changing heart tide, looking forward to the situation Hao strong faith". We are worthy of yesterday's pay, proud of today's return, more excited about tomorrow's brilliant. The road to the future may be full of frustrations, which requires us to work hard and hard. Let us meet the new challenges with a full attitude and a grateful heart. Confidence and strength let us believe that tomorrow will be better.

  • A five-bead shower curtain ring in eye-catching colors!

    The colors of this batch of shower curtain rings are very bright and very pretty. This color is customized according to the customer's needs. Our company still has a large amount of inventory, and the order can be shipped immediately. Customized products can produce samples within 3 days. Our company accepts customized products and customized packaging, and can produce products according to your requirements. If you are interested, please contact us, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!

  • Four different types of key rings are available for your choice

    We have four different types of key rings, each of which has many sizes, and colors and sizes can be customized. The surface is very smooth and free of burrs. It can be used to hang dolls and ornaments. Reliable quality, direct selling by the manufacturer. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact~

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